Can I assign different parts of an assignment or different sets of questions at different times?

All assessment questions that a teacher intends to assign to students must be assigned when creating an assignment.

The assignment due date, customizable annotation task, and Guided Reading Mode can be edited after an assignment has been created. The assignment start date can also be edited until students begin the assignment. However, if an assignment is created with no assessment questions, assessment questions cannot be added later. If an assignment is created with only multiple choice questions, short answer questions cannot be added later. 

Guided Reading Mode can be enabled or disabled for a whole class or individual students at any time. Students must refresh their assignments to view live changes to an assignment (see: Can I customize which questions my students can answer?)

A teacher cannot create two versions of an assignment for the same text within the same class. Therefore, a teacher cannot assign the multiple choice questions as one assignment and the short answer questions as another assignment. If a teacher creates an assignment with the wrong choice from the Assessment Options dropdown visible when creating an assignment, the teacher will need to delete the assignment (for each class) and create it again.

If a teacher does not remember which assessment questions they assigned, they can view the Assignment Report. The Assessment Results table will have a column for every question assigned and teachers can click on the questions to see if they are multiple choice, short answer, or both. If the teacher does not see an Assessment Results table, that indicates the assignment was created without assessment questions.