How can I leave feedback or make comments on my students' annotations?

Teachers can leave feedback on students' annotations on any assignment: a Library Lesson, a 360 Lesson, or a Target Lesson. To access students' annotations, go to the Assignments page for the class and click Dashboard for the assignment.

From the Dashboard page, click Student Annotations in the menu over on the left. You can switch between students using the drop-down towards the top of the Student Annotations page, and click the See Latest Annotations button to view any new annotations added by that student since the last page load.

After choosing a student's name from the drop-down, click on an annotation to provide feedback. This will reveal the exact segment the student annotated underlined in green, as well as a "Reply..." box. Add your comment in the box and then click the "Reply" button to publish it. As soon as you add your comment, the student will see it on their assignment if they refresh the page.

To edit or delete your comment, click the three stacked dots in the upper right-hand corner of the comment box and then select "Edit Reply" or "Delete Reply."

Teachers can comment on a student's annotations at any point, including before or after they have submitted the assignment. However, please note that students can only annotate an assignment before they have submitted it.