How can I share Assessment Series scores with students?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

It is not possible to "Release Scores" to students for the assessments in the same way as the normal CommonLit assignments. CommonLit also do not provide full item analysis for assessments for data security reasons, so neither teachers nor students can see how students answered individual questions.

However, CommonLit does provide a Question Review report from the assessment Analyze Data page. Scroll down to the Question Overview section and click the DOWNLOAD QUESTION REPORT button. From there, you can delete all student data except for that of a specific student, and then save and send the new file to that student.

Additionally, students' assessment data is viewable and downloadable from their Individual Student Performance pages on your account, so you can download and then share students' scores with them.

To find this data, go to your assessment's Analyze Data page > scroll down to the Overall Performance by Student table > click the student's name to go to their Student Performance page. From there, you can click the gray "Download report" button in the ASSESSMENT SERIES PERFORMANCE table at the top to download an Excel spreadsheet with the student's Assessment Series data. Alternatively, you can click the teal "Print report" button above the table to generate a PDF of the student's full Individual Student Performance report, including both their assessment and assignment performance. Once the reports have been downloaded, you can then share them with students individually. 


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