Can I download or print off individual student reports for an entire class at once?

Individual students' Student Performance reports list all of a student's assignments, scores, short answer responses, and teacher feedback.

These reports contain overall averages, multiple choice averages, short answer averages, and all short answer responses and feedback.

You can get to the individual Student Performance page from the Manage Students page or from the Student Performance page. Learn how to get to a student's individual page here.

You can easily download a printable PDF for all students in a class at once. Click on My Classes > Student Performance > click the Class name. Download reports for all the students in the class by clicking "Print All Students' Reports." This will open a new tab, and it may take a minute to load all data for all students. Once all the data has loaded, your printing options should open automatically, and you can then print off reports or save them as a PDF. When printing, each student is on separate pages for easy distribution. Please note that depending on the number of assignments and/or assessments students have completed, their report may be longer than one page.

If you are delivering reports to students digitally, you will then need to break apart the PDF into separate files to send to each student.