Can I view individual student progress or performance reports?

Yes, you can view individual students' Student Performance reports that list all of their assessments, assignments, scores, short answer responses, and teacher feedback.

These reports contain overall averages, multiple choice averages, short answer averages, and all short answer responses and feedback. This page is a great resource to see how students are doing on CommonLit if you do not have time to grade their short answer responses.

You can get to the individual Student Performance page from the Manage Students page or from the Student Performance page:

  1. Click on My Classes > Manage Classes > Options > Manage Students. Then, click View Data for the student whose individual performance report you want to see.
  2. OR Go to My Classes > Student Performance > Click the Class name. Scroll down to the "Progress by Assignment" section and you should see a list of your students and the assignments they were assigned, as well as their averages and number of completed assignments.

Download reports for all the students in the class by clicking the Print All Students' Reports button.

To get to one student's page, click on the name of the student whose data you wish to view under the Performance by Assignment table. 

You will then see a chart of the student's assignment averages, which are broken down by multiple-choice percentages and short-answer averages. You also have the option to download and print the individual student progress report.

On the Individual Student Performance page, you can view and print all short answer responses. Simply click "View Responses" beneath an assignment's short answer average to see the student's response(s) and your feedback.

From this page, you can use the drop-down in the top-right corner to navigate between students.