CommonLit Assessment Series: Score Interpretation FAQs

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

The CommonLit Assessment Series features three benchmark assessments for grades 3-12 that have been developed to align with key reading skills and standards. The assessments provide teachers, coaches, and administrators with checkpoints on student progress throughout the academic year. Please use this index to view articles that answer your questions about interpreting students' scores.

Understanding the Assessment Series

What do the CommonLit Assessment Series assessments cover?

Understanding Assessment Series Data

What kind of data will the CommonLit Assessment Series give me?

What are scaled scores in the CommonLit Assessment Series?

How can scaled scores be compared across time?

What is an Assessment Series percentile ranking and how should it be interpreted? 

What information is included in the Assessment Series data displays? 

What does an asterisk next to a student’s score mean? 

Is CommonLit's Assessment Series valid?

How does CommonLit define Below or Approaching Grade Level, On Grade Level, and Above Grade Level?

How does CommonLit calculate percentage correct and standards-based scores on the Assessment Series?

What are the cutoff scores for the Student Performance groups on the CommonLit Assessment Series?

Why did the Student Performance Groups for my CommonLit Pre-Assessment change slightly?

Applying Assessment Series Data

How should students' scaled scores be used on the CommonLit Assessment Series?

How can I use the Assessment Series to plan for instruction?