What kind of data will the CommonLit Assessment Series give me?

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The CommonLit Assessment Series tests provide teachers with data on their students' performance compared to one another, as well as all other CommonLit students in the same grade who took the same assessment.

On an assessment's Analyze Data page, you will see your students' scaled scores, percent correct, and multiple-choice percentages as well as a percentile ranking for how they did compared to other students in their grade who took the same grade-level assessment. You will see them grouped by percentile and scaled score.

The Student Performance Groups are based on scaled scores (range 150-250; based on raw score and difficulty of test items; validated). Students fall under one of the following performance categories: Below or Approaching test grade level, On test grade level, and Above test grade level; this includes students who test at a different grade than their own grade level.

You will also see students' average percentages on specific standards groupings. For teachers with classes in grades 3-5, teachers will see data related to Common Core State Standards 1-4. For teachers with students in classes from grades 6-12, teachers will see data related to standards 1-6.

The Question Report in the QUESTION OVERVIEW section is an Excel file that provides a breakdown of student performance on each assessment question per each of the three passages. It includes data on whether your student answered the question correctly, if they did not answer a question, and if a Part A/Part B question was omitted from their score because they answered Part A incorrectly. The Question Report will not show the correct answer to the questions. Writing performance is not assessed by the Assessment Series. 

At this time, the Assessment Series does not provide a reading level as a quantitative measure, such as a Lexile level. 

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