How do I share my Free Reading Assessment to Canvas? Does CommonLit automatically post my assessment?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using Canvas. Our Canvas integration is available for schools and districts who purchase a School Essentials PRO package.

To link an assessment to Canvas, you must first schedule the assessment for your class on CommonLit. Click Go to CommonLit to open CommonLit and schedule the Free Reading Assessment for the appropriate class.

For more information on how to schedule an assessment on CommonLit, see How do I schedule the Free Reading Assessment? or How do I schedule an Assessment Series test?

Once you’ve scheduled your assessment for your Canvas class, go back to Canvas and click Link Existing Assignment.

Click the Assessments tab. Scroll down and search for your assessment. Then, click Add to Canvas.

Then, click Select.

It is optional to choose an "Available from" date on Canvas. Note that CommonLit assignments are available at 12:00 AM on the start date.

Then click Save or Save and Publish.

Your assessment is now linked to Canvas!