How do I schedule an Assessment Series test?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using the Assessment Series.

The CommonLit Assessment Series will be available to schedule for the 24-25 school year beginning July 22nd.

You can schedule the Pre-, Mid- (optional), and Post-Assessments when you wish, but please note that an assessment cannot be scheduled any earlier than one month after the previous assessment to ensure valid growth data.

You can access the Assessment Series to schedule an assessment for classes between 3rd-12th grades a couple of ways:

1. Click on the Assessment Series tile from your Home Page.

2. From any page, click Browse Content at the top and choose Assessment Series.

This will bring you to the Assessment Series home page where you can schedule one assessment at a time, or schedule two or all three assessments at once in order to plan ahead. Click on the Schedule button next to the assessment you wish to schedule to go to that assessment's Schedule page.

Clicking Schedule will open a scheduling window. Choose the class(es) for which you wish to schedule the test, whether to "Assign by student grade level" or "Assign Xth grade to all students" if the class has students in different grades, and the test start date.

Finally, click the Schedule button to finish scheduling the assessment. Please note: if you choose a test date in the future, your students will not see or be able to complete their assessment until that test date arrives.

What if my class has students at different grade levels?

It is common, especially in high schools, to have students of multiple grade levels in one class. If you have students with multiple grade levels in one class, you should choose the option "Assign By Student Grade Level" when scheduling your assessment. Doing so means that if you have a class of 9th and 10th graders, the 9th graders will receive the 9th grade assessment, the 10th graders the 10th grade assessment, and so on.