How many points are each multiple-choice and short-answer question worth?

Each assessment question on an assignment is worth the same amount of points. This includes Part A questions, Part B questions, and short-answer questions.. For example, if a text has 4 assessment questions - such as (1) a regular multiple-choice question, (2) a Part A multiple-choice question, (3) a Part B multiple-choice question, and (4) a short-answer question) - each question is worth 25 percentage points. If a text has 10 assessment questions, each question is worth 10 percentage points, and so on.

To find out the point value for a particular question, simply divide 100 by the number of assessment questions on a particular assignment. (Note: This does become a bit more complicated when a text has Part A/Part B questions. Please see this article for more information: How are Part A/Part B questions scored?) 

If an assignment includes a short answer question, then the points earned for that question will be the product of the total possible points for that short answer question and the fraction of points from the short answer rubric. For example, if on a 4-question assignment, a student earns 2/4 on the short answer question, they will have earned 12.5 points for that question (50% credit on a total of 25 possible points). For more information on how the short answer grading scale works, please see: How does the short answer grading scale work?