My new students are not seeing their assignments even though they joined my class. Why can't they see their assignments?

If a student joins a class late, CommonLit automatically assigns them all assignments created in the last 30 days. However, a new student will be automatically exempted from any assignment created more than 30 days ago.

To re-assign a Library Lesson to a student who has been exempted from it, go to the Assignment Report (My Classes > Assignments > find the assignment > click Dashboard > Assignment Report). For Library Lessons, scroll to the Exempted from Assignment list at the bottom and use the checkboxes to reassign the text to the student.

For Target Lessons and 360 Lessons, scroll to the Overall Scores table and uncheck Only Show Submitted Students. Then, where it says Exempted in the Total Score column, click the down arrow and select Reassign Student.

Please note: another issue could also be the assignment's start date, if the start date is in the future. Please see this FAQ for more information: Why can't my students see their assignment?