Does CommonLit offer a status page where I can track or receive alerts about service disruptions?

You can stay informed about CommonLit's site disruptions by visiting the Status page, where you can track CommonLit's status and sign up for disruption alerts if you have concerns that CommonLit may be experiencing a service disruption.

CommonLit also reports outages in third-party integrations (Google SSO, Clever SSO, ClassLink, Canvas/Instructure, and Google Classroom Coursework API) on the Status page. If Google SSO or Clever SSO is down, any student or teacher can still sign into CommonLit using their email (or username for students) and backup CommonLit password.

Teachers and students with emails can request your backup CommonLit password on the Forgot your password? page.

Teachers can also reset students' backup passwords from their Manage Students page. For detailed instructions, review our guide: My student has forgotten their password. How do I reset their password?