My student has forgotten their password. How do I reset their password? Can students reset their own passwords?

Teachers are able to reset a student's password by going to the Manage Classes page and clicking the class name for the student's class. This will take you to the Manage Students page. From there, scroll down to the row that contains the student’s name and username, and click the Reset button in the student’s row.

A pop-up window will appear with the student's username and the code the student should use as their temporary password. The next time they log in to their CommonLit account using their username (also visible on the Manage Students page), they should use that code as their temporary password. Please note, the temporary password is case sensitive - students need to use lowercase articles.

Once the student has logged in using the temporary password, they will be taken to a page that says "Your Account Needs Updating" and will be prompted to change that temporary code password to a NEW password. They must complete this step and select a new, permanent password of their choice in order to proceed.

Note: If reset password does not work for your student, please try typing in their username and password for them to ensure they have not mistyped.

Additionally, students who have a correct, working email on their CommonLit account can reset their password themselves by requesting to reset their password from the Forgot Your Password page. Students should enter the email on their account (not their teacher's email) on the reset password page. Please note: Some school servers will block CommonLit reset password emails to students.