What kind of data will the CommonLit Free Reading Assessment give me?

If your district has chosen to purchase Assessment Series in CommonLit School Essentials PRO or School Essentials PRO Plus, you will not have access to the Free Reading Assessment. Instead, you’ll be able to collect baseline data through the first assessment in the Assessment Series. You’ll also have access to a Mid-Year and a Post-Assessment to help you track students’ reading growth throughout the reading year.

The CommonLit Free Reading Assessment provides teachers with data on their students' application of grade-level reading comprehension skills.

On the Analyze Data page, you will see your students grouped into Student Performance Groups based on their percentile scores. The Student Performance Groups are split at the 10th, 30th, and 70th percentiles. So, for example, students who receive a percentile ranking between 30-69 would fall into the "Medium Performers" group.

You will also see students' overall percent correct score as well as their average percent correct within individual standards groupings. The Free Reading Assessment covers Common Core State Standards 1-6 for both informational and literary texts, or your state's corresponding standards.

Please note, to ensure the integrity of the data, there is no item analysis provided for the assessment. At this time, the assessment does not provide a reading level, such as a Lexile level, as a quantitative measure. Writing performance is not assessed by the assessment. 

For information on how to access the Free Reading Assessment data, please see the FAQ: How do I view the Free Reading Assessment data?

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