How can I use CommonLit in Canvas Blueprint courses?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using Canvas. Our Canvas integration is available for schools and districts who purchase a School Essentials PRO package.

Through the CommonLit integration with Canvas, it is possible to help your teachers get started with Blueprint courses.

When creating a Blueprint course, ensure that Assignment Content is not locked. This will allow your teachers to edit the content of assignments, as they will need to add their classes' unique information for each CommonLit assignment. 

Once you have ensured that your Blueprint course settings allow teachers to edit the content of their assignments, direct your teachers to the right spot to create unique assignments for their classes with these steps:

  1. Add an Assignment in Canvas, fill in the relevant fields (name, description, etc.).
  2. Navigate to CommonLit and find the CommonLit lesson you would like your teachers to assign.
  3. Copy the link to the lesson and paste it into the description.
  4. Save the Assignment in Canvas.

Once your teachers have access to the Blueprint course, they will need to assign the CommonLit lesson by clicking the link you have provided. Each course generates a unique link associated with the specific class in CommonLit, so teachers will need to do this for each assignment. From there, they should follow these steps to create an assignment and link it to Canvas. 

Interested in integrating CommonLit with ClassLink, Clever, or Canvas at your school? Check out School Essentials PRO to save time and get set up quickly. Learn more about CommonLit integrations here.