I want to connect to Clever but my students already have CommonLit accounts. What should I do?

CommonLit's integration makes it possible for you to connect your existing CommonLit account and students to Clever. When you first click “Login with Clever” or click on the CommonLit logo from your Clever dashboard, you will be asked if you already have an existing CommonLit account. If you do, log in so that the two accounts can be linked.

CommonLit will check if your account already has classes with students in them. If so, the site will match existing student accounts to Clever if they share an email. This only works if Clever is sharing student emails with CommonLit, and those same emails already exist on student's accounts. You should check your Manage Classes > Manage Students page and adding emails to students' accounts before connecting to Clever to enable this automatic merging. You should also check to see if your students have emails in Clever first. 


Once your account is connected, you will be walked through some options to match your existing classes on CommonLit with the classes shared with CommonLit on Clever.