What are Unit Skills Assessments?

360 Unit Skills Assessments, which are available with the CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus package, are assessments intended to provide teachers with additional information about student learning throughout a 360 unit. There are two assessments per unit. These assessments are designed to measure students’ comprehension of cold read texts. Unit Skills Assessments are designed to be administered and completed by students within a single class period.

Each assessment includes a grade-level passage that aligns to the topics and themes discussed in that particular unit. They also include roughly 10 multiple choice questions and an optional writing question. These questions primarily align to the reading standards that are the focus of that unit. Multiple choice questions are automatically graded by the platform, and open response questions come with exemplars and quick rubrics that help teachers grade student responses.

You can purchase Unit Skills Assessments for CommonLit 360 units as part of the School Essentials PRO Plus package. These formative assessments can be used to include practice opportunities that provide snapshots of student reading comprehension and application of unit skills.