How do I unsubmit a student’s Unit Skills Assessment?

This article is intended only for CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus customers and partners.

We do not suggest allowing students a chance to redo their test to improve their score. Allowing a student to retake a test may lead to less accurate data, as students will have a chance to see test content for a second time. However, if a student submitted a Unit Skills Assessment by accident before they completed it, you can do so by clicking on the “Dashboard” button for the Unit Skills Assessment on your Assignments page. 

This will take you to the Assessment Dashboard page which includes a Student Status list. From there, find the student’s name, click on “Actions”, and then click “Unsubmit.” 

When you unsubmit a student's assessment, it will reappear on their My Assignments page, and they will see all of their answers saved there. To re-submit their Unit Skills Assessment, they will need to log in to their CommonLit account > go to their My Assignments page > find your class's assessment and click on “Resume Assessment” > edit any existing answers and/or complete any unanswered questions > re-submit their completed assessment.

Please note: You will NOT be able to see their previous answers once they resubmit as we do not save students' answers for each retake. So, we recommend downloading the Assessment Report before unsubmitting a student's assessment if you need a record of their original responses.