How do I link a Unit Skills Assessment to my Canvas class?

This article is intended only for CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus customers and partners.

Unit Skills Assessments can be linked to Canvas in the same way that you would link a regular CommonLit lesson. 

To do this, you must first assign the Unit Skills Assessment from within CommonLit itself. Then, follow the steps below to link your Unit Skills Assessment to your Canvas class(es).

  1. Click “+ Assignment” on your Assignments page in Canvas

  1. Scroll down to Submission Type and select “External Tool”

  1. Click “Find” and then select “CommonLit” from the list. (Please note: If you have not yet linked your CommonLit account, you will be prompted to do so when selecting CommonLit. Please finish connecting your Canvas account to CommonLit and then proceed with the steps below.)

  1. A window will open where you can then select the class you want to link the Unit Skills Assessment to. 

  1. Find the Unit Skills Assessment and click the "Add to Canvas” button.

  1. Add the "Available at" and "Due" dates on your Canvas assignment. 
  2. Click Save or Save and Publish.

Please note, if you have checked "Load This Tool In A New Tab," you will need to open the assessment from your Assignments page in Canvas to finish linking the assessment.

Linking your Unit Skills Assessment to Canvas will also allow for student grades for the assessment to pass back to your Canvas gradebook once scores have been released on CommonLit.