How do I link a Unit Skills Assessment to my Google Classroom class?

This article is intended only for CommonLit School Essentials PRO Plus customers and partners.

Unit Skills Assessments can be linked to Google Classroom the same way that you would link a regular CommonLit lesson. 

If your class was imported from Google Classroom, after you click “Assign” for the Unit Skills Assessment, you will have the option to post your assessment and scores, or just an announcement to your Google Classroom stream. When the Share Assignment window appears, click one of the two post to GC options.

If you select the “Post Assessment and Scores to Google Classroom” option, then students’ assessment scores will pass back to your Google Classroom gradebook once you have released the scores. 

You can also create the Unit Skills Assessment and then share it to Google Classroom at a later time. To do this, start by going to your Assignments page, finding the Unit Skills Assessment you want to share to Google Classroom, and then clicking the “Share Assignment” button.

Once you’ve clicked on “Share Assignment,” the same window will pop up allowing you to choose how you would like to share the Unit Skills Assessment to Google Classroom.