I removed a student from my class by accident. How can I add a removed student back to my class?

When you remove a student from your Manage Students page for a class, CommonLit moves that student to a Removed Students table at the bottom of the page.

From the Removed Students table, you can view a student's data for their current and former classes on which you are a teacher, you can add them back to the class, or you can permanently delete their association with the class and their class assignment data. 

To add a removed student back to their class:

  1. Go to your Manage Classes page and click the name of the class to get to the Manage Students page
  2. Scroll down to view the Removed Students table
  3. Click Add Back to Class

Please Note: If a student is removed from a class before being added to another class belonging to the same teacher, their assignment data for whole-class assignments will be maintained, but their assignment data for individual or small group assignments will be lost.

If you accidentally removed a student who had completed individual or small group assignments, please contact help@commonlit.org immediately for assistance.