What is Guided Reading Mode? How can I enable it?

Guided Reading Mode (GRM) is an optional CommonLit Digital feature for Library Lessons that further promotes students' understanding of a text by asking them to answer basic comprehension questions throughout reading (for 360 & Target Lessons, these questions are referred to as "Instructional In-text Questions"). GRM scaffolds students' reading by blurring out part of the text to chunk the text for students. As students answer each GRM question correctly, the next section of the text will unblur and become visible.

Guided Reading Mode is automatically enabled for Library Lessons. However, when creating or editing an assignment, teachers can disable GRM by clicking the toggle button to the right of "Enable Guided Reading Mode" to read "NO."

Furthermore, you can assign Guided Reading Mode to all students in your class or to individual students. If you would like to enable it for specific students, select "Individual Students" under" Enable Guided Reading Mode" and select those students' names.

After students who were assigned a text with Guided Reading Mode submit their assignment, you can view how they performed on these questions and how many attempts they made for each question on the Assignment Report. Scroll down to the Attempts Summary: Guiding Questions table to view the Guided Reading Mode data.

If you already created an assignment, you can double check whether you enabled GRM by looking for the Guided Reading flag in the corner of the image for the assignment on your Assignments page or the assignment Dashboard.

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