Is there a way to differentiate the assignments for students in a class period? I would love to be able to assign the texts to students individually based on their Lexile levels.

CommonLit does not offer one text rewritten at different Lexile levels. Instead, the site offers differentiation tools that allow students at different reading levels to access the same text in their zone of proximal development.

Research shows that it is a best practice to teach students of varying instructional levels grade-level materials that challenge them - and to provide scaffolding that helps meet them where they are.

This is why CommonLit provides Guided Reading Mode, Read Aloud, Translate, and Annotation Tools. Each of these differentiation tools helps students access challenging, grade-level texts, even if they are reading below grade level.

Guided Reading Mode can be enabled for a whole class assignment or for particular students who need additional scaffolding.

See this blog post for more information on differentiation and research-backed teaching methods: What Are Common Teaching Methods Used By Teachers That Boost Classroom Engagement?