Where can I find the Lexile or grade level for each text?

You can find the Lexile scores and suggested grade on a text's thumbnail in the Library, or on a text preview page.

If you know what text you want to use, we recommend searching for the text title in the Library search bar. Your results will feature both the text grade level and the Lexile score as small flags on the text image.

If you don't know what text you would like to assign, we would then recommend sorting the Library. Using the Filter section, you can browse the Library by selecting a grade band from the Grades filter, or by clicking Show More Filters, selecting Lexile Range, and entering the Lexile range you would like to sort by.

Note: Poems and Dramas do not receive assigned Lexile scores, but you can use the suggested grade band to inform your decision as to whether or not you would like to assign the text to your students.