Where do I find my class code after I create a class?

You can find your class code under the "Class Code" column on your Manage Classes page.

To get to your Manage Classes page:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Click My Classes in the navigation bar at the top or click on any of your classes under "My Classes" on the Home Page
  3. Select Manage Classes
  4. Find the Class Code column

If you imported your classes from Clever, Canvas, or ClassLink, you will not see a class code for those classes as rosters for those classes in CommonLit are controlled by the integration.

If you imported your classes from Google Classroom, you will see a class code, but students do NOT need to use the code to sign up for accounts since they were already imported from Google Classroom. New students can be added to classes imported from Google Classroom by clicking the SYNC button for the class. However, other teachers can use this code to join the class as a co-teacher.