How do I prepare my ClassLink classes for a new semester?

This article is intended only for customers and partners using ClassLink. Our ClassLink integration is available for schools and districts who purchase our School Essentials PRO package. To learn more about School Essentials PRO, please head to:

The beginning of a new school year or semester can mean a whole new set of classes and students, or some basic updates to existing classes. This might seem overwhelming, but CommonLit has several tools to seamlessly transition to a new semester. Read below to learn how to start a new semester in CommonLit with your ClassLink classes. 

If all of your students and classes have changed:

Step 1: Hide Old Classes

Teachers cannot edit, archive, or delete any classes imported from ClassLink. This is because classes set up with ClassLink on CommonLit are managed by your school or district. Once your school or district sends CommonLit your updated classes for the upcoming semester, CommonLit will archive your old classes for you.

If you have imported classes from ClassLink but no longer want to see or use them, you can hide these classes. You can hide ClassLink classes from your Manage Classes page. Click Options > Hide Class. This will hide the class from both you and your students' views.

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Step 2: Add/Unhide New Classes

If you already have classes and students on your CommonLit account, CommonLit will import your new ClassLink sections as new classes on CommonLit once they are shared in ClassLink. CommonLit partners' classes will be synced nightly, which updates roster information as needed. If you are missing students from ClassLink controlled classes, please reach out to

Unhide Hidden ClassLink Classes

Currently, CommonLit imports all ClassLink classes regardless of which semester they belong to. If you hid your 2nd term ClassLink classes at the start of the school year, now is the time to unhide them! 

To remove a class from your hidden classes, go to your Manage Classes page and click on the Hidden ClassLink Classes link at the bottom of your class list. Click Options for the hidden class on the right-hand column and select Undo Hide. This will restore your archived ClassLink class to your active class list.


If your classes and students are mostly the same, but you have a few roster changes:

CommonLit will match your roster data that is shared on ClassLink exactly. CommonLit syncs ClassLink data nightly. However, if you are missing students from your rosters, please reach out to to request a manual sync to your account.


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