How do I remove a co-teacher from my class?

If you are the primary teacher or class owner of a class, you can remove a co-teacher from your class if that class was:

  • Manually created
  • Imported from Google Classroom
  • Imported from Clever, Canvas, or ClassLink and the co-teacher joined using a Class Code

To remove a co-teacher from a class on which you are the primary teacher:

  1. Click My Classes in the navigation bar at the top of the screen
  2. Click Manage Classes
  3. Click Options to the right of the class and select Manage Co-Teachers from the drop down
  4. Click Remove under the co-teacher's name and confirm you wish to remove the teacher


For Google Classroom teachers: When you remove a co-teacher on CommonLit, you should also remove them from Google Classroom; otherwise, syncing the CommonLit class might add the co-teacher back to the class from Google Classroom.

For Clever, Canvas, or ClassLink teachers: If a CommonLit class was imported from Clever, Canvas, or ClassLink and the co-teacher was added to the class by the integration, that co-teacher can only be removed from the class via a sync once they have been removed from the class or roster in Clever, Canvas, or ClassLink.

Please note, if you are not the class owner but you are a secondary teacher and want to leave a class, you will see Manage Classes > Options > Leave Class.