I want to reuse my classes and assignments from last year. Can I delete my old students and add new ones to the class?

CommonLit recommends that you always archive old classes and create new classes with new assignments for your new students. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. CommonLit updates texts and lessons over the summer for fairness and validity. If you use old assignments, then new students will get old versions of the assignments, which means they will not get the benefit of accessing vetted, improved, fairer assessment questions.
  2. By archiving classes, you can still access your assignments list from last year while retaining student data for your school's records.
  3. CommonLit uses your archived class data to continue auditing texts and to improve the assessment questions. If you delete your old students and classes, CommonLit loses this data and cannot audit assessment questions as best as possible. This limits your new students' access to improved, vetted tests over time.

You can use the same names for the current year's classes that you used for the last year's archived classes. The system will recognize the difference between the classes.

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