Can I choose whether to show my students the correct answers when I release scores?

To give teachers more control over students’ access to multiple-choice answers, you can now choose to release scores to students without showing them the correct answers to multiple-choice questions. If you choose not to share correct answers, students will still see their overall score and your feedback on any written response questions. They will not see which multiple-choice questions they got wrong, or the correct answers to those questions.

You can access this new feature when you click “Release Scores” on your Assignment Dashboard.

Example 1 - Release Scores Options

Additionally, if you change your mind, you are able to edit the sharing of answers from the Edit page of any assignment. Simply click the edit pencil next on your Assignment Dashboard and switch the toggle for "Share Correct Answers with Students" to YES or NO, accordingly.

Example 2 - Edit Answer Sharing After Releasing Scores

For teachers who want to temporarily share answers with students during the class period, you may use the Edit Assignment feature to revoke access to correct answers after you are done reviewing them as a class.