Can I release scores without grading the short answer portion of the assessment?

Currently, teachers are not allowed to release scores before grading at least one students' short answer question(s). Once you release scores, students will not be able to view their final score until their assignment has been graded. However, teachers are able to view students' multiple choice average before grading on the individual student progress report page

You can access reports for all students at once from your Class Performance page. Go to My Classes > Student Performance and select the class you wish to view. To view a student's multiple choice average, scroll down to the "Progress by Assignment" section for that class and you should see a list of your students and the assignments they were assigned, as well as their averages and number of completed assignments. Click on the name of the student whose data you wish to view.

You will then see a chart of the student's assignment averages, which are broken down by multiple-choice percentages and short-answer averages. You also have the option to download and print the individual student progress report.

If you don't have time to grade your short answer responses, you can choose to assign multiple choice questions only when creating your assignments.