How is the total score calculated, including Part A/Part B multiple choice questions and short answer questions? (Short version)

Every CommonLit assignment is worth 100 percentage points, with each question worth an equal percentage of the total. Short answers are worth the same percentage as multiple choice questions.

So, if there are 4 questions, each question is worth 25%. If there are 5 questions, each is worth 20%. 

Short answer questions and multi-select multiple choice questions can have partial scores. If there are 4 questions and 1 is a short answer, that short answer is worth 25%, and a 2 out of 4 on that short answer would equal 12.5% out of a possible 25 percentage points for that short answer question.

Finally, CommonLit only counts Part B questions when the student correctly answers Part A of the question. So, if there are 4 questions and #1 is Part A and #2 is Part B, and the student correctly answers Part A and incorrectly answers Part B (and number 3 and 4 correct), then the student receives a 75%. But if the student incorrectly answers Part A (and 3 and 4 correct), then the student can only receive a 67%. This is because CommonLit only counts questions 1, 3, and 4 towards their total score. CommonLit drops Part B from the total score regardless of whether the student correctly answered the question. 

On the Assignment Report, correct answers are green, incorrect answers are red, and omitted part b results are gray. Yellow multi-select answers mean students got one of the two answers correct. Short answers can be graded on a scale from 0 to 4, and are shown in shades of blue on the Assignment Report.