Why can't my students advance to the Assessment Questions in their assignment?

If a student is unable to move on to the Assessment Questions for their assignment, then it is possible that one or more of the student’s Guided Reading Mode (GRM) question responses did not successfully save. This often happens if students experience a briefly unstable wifi connection, which allows them to move past a Guided Reading Mode question even though their answer has not been successfully saved on CommonLit. 

The system will not allow students to move on to the Assessment Questions until they have successfully answered all of the Guided Reading Mode questions correctly. To resolve this, please instruct the student to reopen the assignment and look for any “empty” stars at the top of the Activities box with the Guided Reading Mode questions. See the 5th star below for an example.

If students see any blank or empty stars, they will need to return to the text > click on the bubble for that question > then select the correct answer (they can find the unanswered question(s) by counting which star is blank and then looking for that question within the text). 

Alternatively, you can also check if a student’s Guided Reading Mode answer did not save from their Assignment Report page for that lesson. From the Assignment Report page, you can scroll to the Guiding Questions table. If there are any boxes with a dash (-) in them, then the student’s answer was not saved for that Guided Reading Mode question. You can then tell them which Guided Reading Mode question they will need to go back and answer. 

Once the student has successfully answered all Guided Reading Mode questions correctly, they will be able to move on to the Assessment Questions.