Why can't my students use read aloud, translate, or highlight?

Please be aware of the following:

  • Students must be logged into their accounts in order to access Read Aloud.
  • Currently, Translate is only available for English-language texts.
  • Annotation tools, including highlights and notes, are only available for in-progress student assignments; students will not be able to create annotations on submitted assignments or when previewing a text in the Library.

Why isn't my text to speech Chrome extension, such as Read&Write, working on CommonLit texts?

CommonLit does not block any third-party accessibility extensions from interacting with the website. However, many of these extensions have not been calibrated by their developers to read CommonLit's texts, which are generated using an innovative algorithm to support our flexible annotations and Guided Reading Mode tools.

We cannot officially support or guarantee the functionality of any third-party extensions due to the wide variety available and their frequent updates. However, if you experience any issues while using an extension with CommonLit you can reach out to help@commonlit.org and we'd be happy to assist in troubleshooting.

Meanwhile, CommonLit continues to improve its built-in Read Aloud and Translate features with the goal of providing comprehensive accessibility options directly within our site, and eliminating the need for third-party extensions while ensuring an accessible experience for all users.