How do I view data on multiple-choice questions? Is there an assignment report that breaks down my students' scores?

CommonLit automatically does the multiple-choice grading for you and then provides comprehensive data on these submissions. You can view data on the multiple-choice responses in a couple of places.

You can view this data in the Assignment Report. There you will see more information based on achievement by question type, scores breakdown, and more. You will also see a chart of your students' submitted multiple-choice and short-answer responses.

There are several ways to get to the assignment report:

  • From the Assignments page, click on the graph icon for your particular assignment.
  • From the Assignments page, click on the Dashboard button for your particular assignment and then click Assignment Report in the left-hand navigation. 

  • From the Grading page, click on the Assignment Report button in the top right corner.
  • From the Student Performance page, go to the class the assignment is in, scroll down to the Performance by Assignment table, and click on the name of the assignment.

If you are on the Grading page, you can also view the data by clicking through the assessment questions. You will see a color-coded pie chart of multiple-choice data broken down by student responses.