Why is the text partially blurred on my students' assignments?

Library Lessons in the CommonLit Digital Library

If your students are seeing blurred out sections on their library lesson, then you likely enabled Guided Reading Mode while assigning the text. This differentiation feature blurs the text for students in sections until they correctly answer comprehension questions for each section.

If you did not mean to enable Guided Reading Mode, you can disable it by editing your assignment.

Open the Edit Assignment settings on your existing assignment by clicking the pencil icon ("Edit Assignment" on mobile) for the assignment on the Assignments page (or the assignment's Dashboard). 

From there, if the assignment has Guided Reading Mode questions, you will see an "Enable Guided Reading Mode?" question followed by a Yes/No toggle. To disable Guided Reading Mode, set the toggle to no. Click Save and instruct students who are currently viewing the assignment to refresh the page to see guiding questions appear or disappear, respectively. 

CommonLit 360 Reading Lessons

If you assigned a lesson from the CommonLit 360 Curriculum and your students are seeing blurred out sections on the lesson, then it sounds like you have enabled Required Answers to Instructional In-Text Questions.

When enabled, this feature means students will have the text chunked for them by guided questions. Students will not be able to unlock the next section of text without responding to the In-Text Questions.