How do I delete an assignment?

To delete an assignment, go to your Assignments page for the class the assignment is in. Find the assignment you would like to delete and click the trash can icon (stacked dots if on mobile) in the top-right corner of the assignment.

Once you delete an assignment, you will not be able to recover that data. CommonLit recommends that teachers download data prior to deleting an assignment.

Please note: You will need to repeat this for every class you want to delete the assignment from. Then you can create the assignment again (and post to Google Classroom again if desired).

If you are not able to see the Delete icon, it is possible that you are a co-teacher for the class the assignment is in. You will not be able to delete an assignment as a co-teacher. Secondary teachers also cannot archive classes, delete classes, or remove a student from a class. Please reach out to the primary teacher of the class to complete these actions.