Why can't I read my assignment?

If part of your assignment is blurry so that you cannot read it, that means your teacher has turned on Guided Reading Mode for this assignment. This means that you have to answer a question before moving on to the next part of the text.

At the end of the section that is not blurred out, you will see an icon that says Q1 — if you click this, it will open a question in the Guiding Questions Panel for you to answer. Make sure you've read the text carefully before you answer the question. If you get it wrong, you will be allowed to answer again until you get it right. Once you get the right answer, the next part of the text will unlock and un-blur so that you can resume reading. You will continue to see questions throughout the text that you need to answer.

Your teacher will see how you answered on these questions, so think carefully about your answers.