Accessing Individual Student Performance Reports in the Administrator Data Dashboard

This article is intended only for CommonLit School Essentials PRO & PRO Plus customers and partners.

The Administrator Data Dashboard allows you to easily find key insights about teacher and student usage within CommonLit. By using the available filters, you can quickly narrow down the data to view an individual student’s Assessment Series scores, Unit Skills Assessment scores, Assignment scores, and their overall Assignment Performance broken down by standard. This data can help you track student progress and make data-driven decisions to support their learning.

This article will guide you through the process of accessing the Individual Student-Level Data reports available in the Administrator Dashboard.

Please note that Teachers have access to Individual Student Performance pages for the students in their active classes and these are a separate feature from the Individual Student-Level Administrator Data available on the Administrator Data Dashboard. While both pages will display a similar subset of information when viewing any specific student record, they do have some differences. You can learn more about the teacher view here: How teachers can view their student’s individual performance reports.

Multiple Paths to Access Individual Student-Level Administrator Data

  • Using the Filters Sidebar: If you know a student’s school and name, you can quickly navigate to a specific individual student-level data page using the Filters sidebar.
  • Using Links Throughout the Dashboard: You can also navigate to an individual student-level data page using the links found throughout the Administrator Data Dashboard. Below, we have included an example of how to do this by navigating to a Class-level Assessment Details page.

Using the Filters Sidebar

Click on the teal arrow icon near the top left of the Administrator Dashboard to see and use the available filters. Next, select the school the student whose data you wish to view is enrolled in, and then select the name of the student. Please note that the teacher and class do not need to be selected to view a student’s individual performance data, you only need to select the school and student name. Additionally, you can type a student's name in the Student filter to more quickly locate the student.

Ensure that the correct school year and date range is selected, and then press ‘Update Filters.' This will take you directly to the student's Student-Level Administrator Data page.

Screenshot2024-05-14 at 15.36.45 PM EST.gif

Using Dashboard Links

The instructions below describe one example of how you might navigate to a specific student-level data page by clicking on links within the dashboard. That said, there are multiple pathways you can potentially take to get there using the available dashboard links.

From the main District-Level Administrator Data page, scroll down to the Assessments Series table and select the Grade Level and Assessment you wish to view.  Then, click the name of the school you wish to view. This will take you to the School-Level Assessment Details page where you can click the name of the class you wish to view under the Result Breakdown table to get to the Class-Level Assessment Details page. From there, you can see the assessment data for each student in the class

If you click the name of one of the students on the Result Breakdown table, this will take you to the Individual Student Performance page for that student where you will see an overview of their current data – including any submitted assignment and assessment data from each of their active classes. 

Screenshot2024-05-14 at 16.43.32 PM EST.gif

Using the same approach, you could also start from the District or School Usage table on your District or School-Level Administrator Data pages. Please note that if you only have school-level administrator access, you will also only have access to the School-Level Administrator Data pages for your school(s). If you have district-level access you will have access to both School and District Level pages.

  • If you have district-level access, you can start on the District-Level Administrator Data page. You can find the District Usage table by scrolling down towards the bottom of the page. In this table, you should see a list of Schools and a list of Teachers in your district. Click on the name of the teacher whose students you wish to view, and then move on to the next step.
  • If you only have school-level access, you will start on the School-Level Administrator Data page. Scroll down until you see the School Usage table, and then click the name of the teacher whose students you wish to view.

After following the instructions above for district or school-level access, you should now find yourself on the Teacher-Level Administrator Data page for the teacher whose name you clicked on. From here, scroll down to the Assessment Series section and click the name of one of the listed classes (Note: you may need to adjust the Grade Level filter at the top left of the table). This will take you to the Class-Level Assessment Details page for the class you selected, where you can then select a student to view their Individual Student-Level Administrator Data page.