Does CommonLit allow administrators to compare how students across a school or district performed on a particular assignment?

Yes, administrators can compare how all students in a school or district performed on a particular assignment or lesson using the Administrator Data Dashboard offered with a CommonLit School Essentials PRO package.

There is also a feature that allows you to click on an assignment name from any dashboard within the data dashboard to be taken directly to the assignment's dashboard. 

Administrators who know what assignment they want to focus on can also use the side-panel filters to select the assignment from the Assignment Name list. Be sure to filter by one school to enable the full school report download which contains each student's data. 

The Assignment Dashboard can be viewed by a whole district or filtered down to the school, teacher, class, or student level.

The Dashboard also features a toggle to allow administrators to alternate between viewing all student data for an assignment or only grade-level data (data for students who are in the same grade level as the assignment). 

Finally, the assessment for an assignment may be audited and edited from time to time for fairness and accuracy. In this case, CommonLit will create a new version of an assessment with the changes. It is best to only compare students who took the same version of an assessment or question. Administrators can switch between different versions of a lesson using the version dropdown. This affects the school download as well.

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