Why did I never receive a response to my question? How can I get the answer I need?

Our support team strives to answer all help questions within one business day. During the start of semesters, you may receive a slower response than usual as we process a higher number of help tickets.

Most users should receive an automated message that their help ticket has been received within minutes of messaging us. If you do not receive this message, it is possible your school server is blocking our messages to you. If you still do not hear back to your original message within two business days, it is highly likely that your school server is blocking our messages to you. Here's what you can do:

1. If you see an automated response from us, please follow up in the existing email chain (rather than creating a second email chain by submitting a new ticket).

2. If you suspect your school server is blocking our emails, you can email us directly at help@commonlit.org. Often, this enables us to respond back to you.

3. If you still do not receive a response, please reach out to your IT department to inquire whether emails from the commonlit.org domain can be received by educators in your school system.

4. Finally, if you cannot reach us over email, try to speak with us during our dedicated live chat support hours: When does CommonLit offer live chat?