Is it safe to send CommonLit documents verifying my identity?

CommonLit is committed to protecting our users' privacy and security online. 

As a free platform, in order to protect our proprietary answer keys from unauthorized access, we have enabled a strict email validation system meant to verify educators and parents, prevent cheating, and eliminate potential bias from the approval process. CommonLit will seek out all publicly available information to verify school emails, including online staff directories. However, information is not always publicly available to confirm an educator, homeschool parent, or tutor's identity. Therefore, CommonLit may ask you to send documents to confirm your identity when signing up. These documents are stored in an encrypted system that is accessible only to CommonLit's small User Support team, are only used to verify your identity, are protected by the Privacy Policy, and are archived 30 days after your request is resolved. 

To limit your risk, we always recommend redacting sensitive, personally identifiable information that you share over the internet and ensuring that you only share your personal data with trusted businesses and digital systems. If you ever have a question about CommonLit's privacy management, please email