How should I incorporate CommonLit into my daily instruction?

CommonLit provides tools for best-practices instruction that are based on research and evidence. Research studies have also demonstrated that regular use of CommonLit can improve student scores. Best of all, CommonLit knows students find the content engaging and relevant to their lives. While incorporating technology into classroom lessons can be challenging, CommonLit has a plethora of resources that teachers can utilize - including CommonLit 360: a free, full-year curriculum for grades 6-12. 

CommonLit 360 offers a full scope and sequence for grades 6-12 with daily reading, writing, vocabulary, grammar, discussion, related media, and partner exploration lessons. Get started with CommonLit 360 here.

In addition, Target Lessons are easy-to-use, highly engaging lessons, designed to be completed in a single class period. These lessons focus on a “target,” or a specific reading skill, that students will practice throughout the lesson. Target Lessons teach students a key literary or informational reading comprehension skill, like identifying the main idea or analyzing character point of view. Take a look at the CommonLit Library to find the perfect Target Lesson for your class.

Want to take CommonLit instruction to the next level? Unlock benchmark assessments, school- and district-wide data, trainings and more with School Essentials PRO. Learn more about School Essentials PRO here.