Can I export or share scores from CommonLit on Google Classroom?

If you have imported your classes with Google Classroom, then you have the option to post your assignment and scores to your Google Classroom stream. After you create an assignment, choose the Post Assignment and Scores to Google Classroom option from the Share Assignment window.

This option will create an assignment in your stream, update the assignment on Google to show students' assignment statuses, and export grades to Google Classroom.

You'll be given the opportunity to edit your post before sharing it, including the ability to customize the point value of the assignment in Google. When you share the assignment, CommonLit will include a link on the assignment in Google Classroom that sends your students directly to their CommonLit assignment.

If you decide later that you do want to export grades to your Google Classroom grade book, you can turn on this setting from your Assignment Dashboard. CommonLit will prompt you to share the assignment on Google if you haven't yet to set up this exporting.

Experiencing issues with scores not exporting to Google Classroom? For scores to export, the assignment must also be associated with a point value in Google Classroom. You can review the point value of an assignment in Google Classroom and check to make sure it is not marked as "Ungraded."

Additionally, for scores to export, students must connect to Google Classroom as well. They will be prompted to connect to Google Classroom the first time they log in after being imported. They can also go to their My Account page and click the teal Connect to Google Classroom button.