My school changed the Google Classroom emails for students. Now they cannot Log in with Google. What should I do?

If your school changes student emails linked to Google Classroom, you can sync your existing classes in CommonLit to reflect these updates.

Go to My Classes > Manage Classes and click the "Reauthorize Google Classroom" button until you get a success message. Then, click the Sync icons for each of your Google Classroom classes. This will initiate an update to your classes. CommonLit will change the emails for all students whose emails have changed.

This update could take 1 minute to several hours depending on site traffic. If you do not see the update immediately upon refreshing and need students to be able to log in, you can have them log in manually during the meantime using their CommonLit usernames and passwords. Look up their usernames and reset their passwords from your Manage Students page.

NOTE: Please do not have students use the class code to sign up for new accounts using their new emails if they already have accounts imported from Google Classroom. This could disrupt the ability to sync your Google Classroom classes with CommonLit and create duplicate CommonLit accounts for students.