How can I import classes and students from Google Classroom?

Importing your classes from Google Classroom will automatically create accounts for your students, allow you to post CommonLit assignments directly to Google Classroom, and export scores to your Google Classroom grade book.

To import your classes and students from Google Classroom, go to your Manage Classes page and click Create a class. Then, select Import from Google Classroom.

Note: if you have not yet connected your account to Google Classroom, you will be prompted to select the account you would like to connect to. Select the Google account associated with your Google Classroom account.

Next, choose the class(es) you would like to import from Google Classroom, fill out the details for each class, and click Import.

If you add more students to your Google Classroom classes later and want those students to appear in your connected CommonLit class, just click on the Sync button that appears by the number of students to the right of the class name on your Manage Classes page. Refresh the page after about a minute to see your updated roster.