Why can't I export scores to Google Classroom?

There are a few reasons why you might not be able to export scores to Google Classroom:

  • The assignment is in a class that is not connected to Google Classroom.
  • The assignment is an individual/small-group assignment.
  • You never posted the assignment to Google Classroom and the assignment's due date has passed.
  • You did not assign assessment questions on your Assessment Options, which means there are no scores to release or send to Google Classroom.
  • You created the assignment without a point value in CommonLit, which means the assignment will appear as ungraded in Google Classroom.

If your class and assignment is connected to Google Classroom, you may need to click the Reauthorize Google Classroom button from your Manage Classes page. If you still need help figuring out why scores aren't exporting to Google Classroom, email the CommonLit Support Team at help@commonlit.org.