How do I share my Free Reading Assessment to Google Classroom? Does CommonLit automatically post my assessment?

If your district has chosen to purchase Assessment Series through CommonLit School Essentials PRO or School Essentials PRO Plus, you will not have access to the free reading assessment on Instead, you’ll be able to collect baseline data through the first assessment in the Assessment Series. You’ll also have access to a Mid-Year and a Post-Assessment to help you track students’ reading growth throughout the reading year.


Currently, the CommonLit coursework integration for Google Classroom works for all assignments, but CommonLit does not support a coursework integration for assessments

As such, the only way to post an assessment to Google is to copy the assessment link from the Share window and use that link to manually create an assignment within Google Classroom.

The posting is not automated and must be kicked off by a teacher using the Share features.

After scheduling the Free Reading Assessment, a teacher should click the Share icon in the top-right corner of the Free Reading Assessment partial from the Assignments page. A Share window will appear with an option to copy the link to the assessment. Teachers should click this option, and then paste the link into a manually created Google Classroom assignment. 

Please note: there is no option to share student scores on the Free Reading Assessment with students. Scores will not be sent to Google Classroom for the Free Reading Assessment. All other CommonLit assignments do have the option to share scores with Google Classroom.


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