I deleted an assignment on Google Classroom. Why can’t I assign it again?

Deleting an assignment on CommonLit deletes that data from both CommonLit and Google Classroom. Deleting an assignment on Google Classroom, however, does not automatically delete an assignment on CommonLit.

So, here are two things you can do if you wish to post an assignment to your Google Classroom after previously deleting it:

Option 1: You are searching in the CommonLit Library for an assignment you deleted on Google Classroom.

Since deleting an assignment on Google Classroom does not delete it on CommonLit, you will need to delete it on CommonLit as well if you would like to create a new version of it to post to Google Classroom.

To delete an assignment in CommonLit, go to your Assignments page for a class and click the trash can icon in the top-right corner of the assignment. Please note:You will need to repeat this for every class you want to delete this assignment from. Then, you can create the assignment again using the Create Assignment button on the Assignments page.


After you create the new assignment, you have the option to post your assignment and scores, or just the assignment, to your Google Classroom stream and coursework pages.



Option 2: You need to unlink your existing assignment with student data from Google Classroom so you can post it to Google again.

If you've deleted an assignment on Google Classroom, you will see the "Share Assignment" button to post an assignment and its scores to Google Classrooms is disabled.

If you are having trouble posting your assignment to Google Classroom, please reach out to our support team at help@commonlit.org or via the live chat feature. They will be able to unlink your assignment from Google Classroom and allow you to create the post again.