How do I join a class as a co-teacher if it was imported from Google Classroom?

There are two ways to join a class that was already imported from Google Classroom if you are a secondary teacher.

  1. Connect your account to Google and have your co-teacher sync the class in CommonLit. This works well if you are the primary teacher of other Google Classroom classes you need to import.
  2. Join the class as a co-teacher with the class code.

Please note: Teachers must be enrolled in the same official public or private school to access the CommonLit co-teacher feature. To confirm you are enrolled in the same school, go to your My Account page and click Edit for the school to make sure it is not an "other" school. If it is, you will need to click "Add an additional school" to join the school your co-teacher is enrolled in.

Option 1: Connect to Google

You can connect your account to Google Classroom from your My Account page.

  1. On your My Account page, look for "Connected to Google Classroom?" in the Account Details section
  2. Click the gray Connect button
  3. Log into the Google account that is associated with the classes you want to join.
  4. Grant CommonLit permission to integrate with your Google Classroom account.
  5. Ask your co-teacher to sync the class from their CommonLit account. Once the sync is complete, you should see the class listed on your account.

Option 2: Join Class as Co-Teacher with class code

  1. Ask the primary teacher for the class code for the class you would like to join.
  2. Go to your Manage Classes page.
  3. Click Join Class as Co-Teacher.
  4. Enter the Class Code and submit.
  5. The class owner will receive a notification that they need to accept (or decline) your request!
  6. CommonLit will notify you when the request is accepted or denied.