What are the different types of During Reading questions in CommonLit 360 lessons?

CommonLit 360 lessons offer a variety of During-Reading questions to keep your students engaged with the text as they read it. Here are the types of During-Reading questions your students may see on a 360 lesson:

  • Write/Practice Open Response
    • These questions ask students to write a full response to an open-ended question about the text.
    • Students mark these as done.
    • Sometimes, these include exemplary responses after they mark questions as done. This is by design as these are practice questions and checks for understanding.

  • Find Evidence
    • These questions ask students to highlight specific pieces of evidence that support a specific statement.
    • Teachers can currently see these highlights on the Assignment Report.

  • Turn & Talk
    • These questions prompt students to collaborate and talk through a specific question about a text with a partner.

  • Think & Share
    • These questions prompt students to contemplate a question independently about the text and be prepared to share out their thoughts on the question with the class.
    • These questions are quick and should take about 30 seconds of class time.

  • Poll Question
    • These questions ask students to express their opinions via a poll and ask them to prepare to defend that opinion to the class.
    • CommonLit does not currently share poll results with students, though teachers can share their Assignment Report screen while hiding student names to share results with the class.